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slamncram replied to your post: “Finished cybersix oh my god I would personally highly recommend it….”:
Man, I watched that show as a kid and looking back now I can see how it was really progressive for its time. Hell, it’s progressive for THIS time.

I did not see it as a kid and didn’t know anything about it until recently, but man, yeah! It’s really progressive. Even if you were to put aside the gender ambiguity business and just assume Cybersix is a lady, it’s really progressive for a show based on a lady superhero! She isn’t really sexualized, she kicks butt, she’s an interesting and well written character, Lucas is absolutely smitten with her and seems to have no issues with her being stronger than him (which is explicitly showcased in one episode when he can’t open something and she does it easily and he just smiles at her), nobody even comments on her gender! 

I just. Gosh. More cartoons nowadays need to be taking notes.

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judgeanon replied to your post: “Finished cybersix oh my god I would personally highly recommend it….”:
Glad to hear you liked it! It’s probably one of the better comic book exports from my country, and the writer, Carlos Trillo, is a personal hero of mine.

I did, and plan to read as much of the comic as I can! Unfortunately it has never been officially translated into english, and unofficially only volume 1 and some of 2 has been. So I’ll read what I can and then watch the blog of the person currently translating it to read as they go, although I would be very surprised if they made it all the way through the series so I doubt I’ll ever get to read the whole series

so basically this time you’re the lucky one, anon.

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Finished cybersix oh my god

I would personally highly recommend it. It’s silly fun, definitely has that 90s cartoon feel to it (although it was released in 1999 so just barely in the 90s), but that only really made me like it more. And Cybersix the character is fantastic like oh man. She’s so great. Ugh. And Lucas as a love interest was extra great because while he (and Cybersix’s other companions she makes along the way) helps her out sometimes, he’s also clearly weaker since he’s just human, he’s a huge dork, and just so absolutely gaga over Cybersix. Ugh. And Data7 and Julian and the female student (I can’t remember her name now) and ugh. Just a lovely, fun series.

Plus now I can say for sure that not once did I notice Cybersix/Adrian’s gender being specifically discussed or labeled. None of that “oh but she’s a GIRL dressed as a BOY!” or any of that business. Which I think is pretty excellent and I simply will not except any headcanons that she’s anything but nonbinary.

Only read some of the comic but so far it’s also pretty good. Different vibe but good. More detailed opinion on that later.

I hear that the cartoon is posted on youtube, but it is also available on hulu (not sure if plus or not), and I can link you to where I torrented it if you want

Go watch it so I can talk to someone about it

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  • Question: when you leave you should print off those pictures and tape them to his cooking utensils. - whyohwhykai
  • Answer:

    oh my godddddddd that would be perfect

    Change the background on the kitchen office computer to it

    Put it on his copy of his resume that’s on that computer (and weirdly always open on his computer which just ????????? makes me wonder if he actually is trying to find another job?)


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oh my fucking god

I am done with my boss

below is a long rant about my boss

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12 hours ago

So I figured I should turn my phone back on just to make sure I didn’t get important calls or texts and surprise

Got a call from my boss a while ago

Which is exactly why I turned off my phone

While I appreciate my promotion and raise, ever since I have not gone one day with out someone from work calling or texting me on one of my days off

I really want to turn off my phone again but I guess I should keep it on when he calls again to see what he wants

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Why are we not talking about Derrick Coleman????

  • He’s been legally Deaf since he was 3 years old
  • That’s 20 years
  • He received a letter from a fan who’s also Deaf and he wrote back an inspirational reply
  • He’s the first ever Deaf offensive player in the league.
  • He’s also the first to score a touchdown
  • In order to play football, he has to watch everyone else and move when they move, wear hearing aids, and he has to read Quarterback Russell Wilson’s lips in order to know what the play is, and he still manages to do it and do it well.
  • He’s just an inspiration to me and a lot of others.

Who’s not talkin bout him? I love this guy

fuckin sick. high levels of sight, reflexes and reaction speed. superhero type shit right here

How sweeeet!

He’s sooo fineee

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Some fabulous Dwarf ladies.

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Professor Layton doing the “I drink your milkshake” scene from There Will Be Blood?


Boy, this new Layton game sure took a strange turn.

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